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Kuka Drain Washing Vehicle

Kuka drain washing and drain cleaning vehicles have different capacities and features. On this page, we wanted to talk about the basic features of kuka drain cleaning and washing vehicles.

Durable material was preferred in order to provide all kinds of pressure and long-term service life in the production process of the drain cleaning vehicles, which have an average tank volume of between 1000 liters and 30000 liters.

The pressure regulators of these vehicles, whose pump flow rates generally vary between 100 bar and 250, are controlled by a pneumatic / mechanical system. Hose reel lengths vary between 80 meters and 120 meters on average.

Hose reels moving in a hydraulic structure thus offer a much more comfortable use. Jetting reels vary between 20 meters and 60 meters. The crane used to lift the manhole covers is 250 kg on average. with 400 kg. It offers full performance against different weights.

The above-mentioned features are known as standard features. Vehicles with different power and features are manufactured specially if customers demand, and the features of the vehicles are increased or decreased by using different components. Thus, Kuka drain cleaning vehicles are the tools that are preferred and used in a very professional way today.

Blockages in infrastructure systems are often instantaneous. This is a situation that makes daily life very difficult. In order to eliminate possible problems and not to encounter instant problems, you should have sewer maintenance regularly. Cleaning the solid objects accumulating in these areas by opening the manhole chimneys will prevent possible clogging problems and these regular operations will completely prevent clogging.

For this reason, manhole chimneys should be cleaned regularly and possible blockages should be prevented. Because blockages in infrastructure systems affect daily life negatively, as well as cause serious problems. In order not to face such problems, you should have the service you demand in a professional way by having the infrastructure maintenance done immediately.


They are superstructure equipment used for opening sewerage drains in DN 100 to DN 800 diameters.

The draing cleaning vehicle (Kuka) is an easy-to-use and practical superstructure equipment designed to open clogged sewer lines with a high-pressure water pump.

The clean water tanks of the equipment may differ according to the selected vehicles. High pressure water pumps, drum reels, grooving hoses and many similar features are designed by our company Kuka draing cleaning tools, which vary depending on the wishes of our customers.

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