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Ostim Sanayi Sitesi 1202/1 Cadde No:12 ANKARA / TÜRKİYE

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With our corporate identity, we are leading in the production of vacuum trucks. Within our extensive range of products, we offer various vehicles such as canal opening equipment, Kuka canal cleaning vehicles, fire trucks, mobile equipment vehicle manufacturing, irrigation trucks, and water tankers. We continuously develop innovative solutions to provide our customers with the highest level of quality and safety.

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M. Salih Beriş has been continuing his experience in the industry for many years as the owner and manager of Beriş Machinery. His company undertakes the production of a wide range of equipment, primarily focusing on vacuum truck manufacturing.

M. Salih Beriş- Founder


Vacuum Truck Tools

Sewage trucks are tools used to remove blockages in infrastructure systems that serve with different volumes and features.

Since sewage trucks are special vehicles that serve so intensively, they are in different types and features.


Mobile Equipment Vehicle Manufacturing

The equipment integrated into the vehicles constitutes a decisive feature for what and how the vehicle will serve.


Telescopic Suctıon Boom Sewage Trucks Manufacturing

For this reason, the production of telescopic suction boom type sewage trucks is carried out entirely on channel cleaning and channel opening.


Street Sprinklers

Street sprinklers are separated from each other and their usage areas with their different types and volumes. Street sprinklers in different types and sizes appear in different forms every day.


Cd Type Combined Sewer Opening And Cleaning Vehicle

Combined sewer vehicles differ according to their type. These vehicles, which work to clear the blockages in the infrastructure and sewage systems in a short time, are special vehicles that provide professional service.


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