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Intermediate Gearbox

Briefly, to talk about what an intermediate gearbox is, in cases where the power take-off cannot provide the required power and cannot transmit the power, the intermediate gearbox system is activated and this type of gearbox is used. The intermediate transmission system is mounted somewhere between the differential and the main transmission system. This system is known as the intermediate gearbox, which is used to stabilize the power of the system and to support the main gearbox, which always transmits the power producing power.

These gearboxes, in other words the intermediate transmission system, are generally mounted on fire trucks, vacuum trucks, road maintenance vehicles and vehicle types such as vacuum cleaners to collect the power. The intermediate transmission system to be used is a system that varies according to the vehicle. This product may be different physically, as well as in different ways in terms of usage and features.

The product can be vertical and horizontal, but it can also be divided into different features such as 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis. As the physical length and shortening distances of the gearbox differ, there must also be a change in the lubrication system. This is one of the main features of intermediate transmission systems. If the installation process is not done properly in the intermediate transmission systems, serious heating problems will occur. Therefore, the installation and assembly phase of the intermediate gearbox system is very important.

Even if the installation is done smoothly and properly, the long hours of operation of the product will still cause serious overheating. In such cases, if the vehicle will operate for a long time, a cooling system should be installed on this system, thus preventing possible serious overheating. It can be easily analyzed and understood with the help of sensors placed on critical situations such as the presence or absence of heating. Thus, intermediate transmission systems are one of the most critical equipment for both sewage trucks and fire engines. This component, which is a great necessity in sewage trucks and similar vehicles that are frequently needed in daily life, is among the components that should work smoothly.

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