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Pneumatic Type Valves (Y Type)

What is a pneumatic type valve and what does it mean, to start with these questions; Pneumatic valve arises as a result of the movement of the piston with the air-controlled actuator. Pneumatic type valves, which are movable and have the feature of moving against the work to be done, are opened and closed with the movement of the piston. These valves are generally likened to the letter Y. The usage areas of pneumatic type valves are quite different and diverse in the industry. Pneumatic piston valves are used especially in textile printing dyeing, pharmaceutical and medical equipment, food plants, chemical industry, water and sewer discharge services, that is, sewage trucks, paper mills and iron and steel factories. Pneumatic type valves are used for certain fluids. Pneumatic type valves are used especially in water, hot and hot water, steam, pressurized gases and fuel oil products, oxygen and other gases, various chemicals and fluids.

The part of the pneumatic type valves that interests us especially is the areas in sewage trucks and similar vehicles. Pneumatic type valves, which must be installed by technicians specifically for these vehicles, are preferred by many companies to provide professional service flow to women. The fact that pneumatic type industrial valves are widely used today offers us many advantages. Pneumatic type valves, which started to be manufactured in different types and sizes, especially in the industrial field, have grown with great momentum, have the advantages of easy use, easy assembly, low energy consumption and high efficiency, long working time and life, safe operability, high sealing feature and flow control. Thanks to its different features, it is preferred and used both in the industry and in some special vehicles.

In this context, pneumatic type valves are used in many different ways to provide support today. Pneumatic type valves installed on special vehicles today work to provide the best service and to fulfill the demanded task in a professional manner. These valves, which serve with their superior performance in different types and areas of use, are also indispensable for sewage trucks.

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