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Sewage Tank Trailer Manufacturing

Today, sewage truck manufacturing is carried out by many different companies. Our company produces sewage trucks, which are called trailers and have a towing vehicle in front of them. These sewage trucks can easily work with pumps and other equipment mounted on the tank. This product, which works professionally, always has the ability to easily meet the demands and demands of our customers. In this context, it solves the bottlenecks that occur in the infrastructure systems in a short time, as it should be, by producing solutions in a professional way.

These problems and problems that occur in infrastructure systems are of serious importance. Trailer-shaped sewage trucks are used to clear infrastructure blockages in a short time. Today, trailer sewage trucks are produced in a very professional way and the relevant components are included by integrating them completely in accordance with the demands of the customers. Thus, since no extra components are added, all unnecessary equipment has been eliminated and an extremely practical and easy-operating vacuum truck in the form of a trailer has been produced.

Trailer sewage trucks are special vehicles that are used with great comfort in narrow streets and in many different areas today. With the special equipment on it, it has the ability to open the channels in a short time due to the wastes accumulated in the sewer pits. These special products, which have been approved by many different companies, continue to be used in line with a great demand today.

Although the manufacturing process of trailer sewage trucks varies according to the demands of the customers, production can be made within the framework of standard sizes and dimensions. In productions made according to different tank sizes, when the tank size grows, the model of the components to be used also changes. In this context, trailer sewage truck manufacturing is constantly evolving and moving to a different dimension. The fact that trailer sewage trucks, which work professionally, are supported by different companies and are one of the most preferred vehicles today, also reveals how usable the product is. In this context, you can get detailed information by contacting our company to get information about trailer sewage trucks.


Trailer vacuum trucks are special vehicles that are used with great comfort in narrow streets and in many different areas today.

Technical Specifications

Tank Capacity
Max. 16,000 Lt. Single Tank or Double tank

Tank Material
Carbon Steel ( s235jr-s355j2)
Stainless steel (AISI 304/316 L)

Back cover
Hinged from the top, with two hydraulic cylinders on the vertical axis, min. With 80º opening feature, sealed gasket

Vacuum Pump
Max. 10500 m³

YB Water Pump
345-620 Lt/dk – 130-250 Bar

Main Pressure Hose Reel
1” or 1 ¼” – 120 mt. or 180 meters. Hydraulically Driven, Automatic hose winding guide,
with hose pressure system

Top Suction System
4”-5”-6” 20 mt. Suction System Suitable for Hose Wrapping(CD-BOM, CD-CASSETTE, CLASSIC BOOM SYSTEMS)

Recycle System, Remote Control, Webasto, Automatic Lubrication System

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