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Telescopic Suction Boom Sewage Trucks Manufacturing

Different types and features are at the forefront in sewage truck manufacturing. Sewage trucks, which are in different types according to the demands of the customers, are of great importance in analyzing the problems that occur in daily life, especially in infrastructure systems, and in solving the problem in a short time. For this reason, the production of telescopic suction boom type sewage trucks is carried out entirely on channel cleaning and channel opening. This manufacturing process, which is made to facilitate and easily solve the services requested by the customers, proceeds in a very professional way. We are a type of sewage truck manufactured to open the blockages in the infrastructure systems of the telescopic suction boom type sewage truck and to remove these blockages in a short time.

Sewage trucks have great and vital tasks in terms of social life, such as picking up the wastes in the septic pits and transporting them to a different place, opening the blockages in the infrastructure systems in a short time. Today, sewage trucks appear in many different forms as special vehicles. These sewage trucks, which provide service in a professional way, are of great importance to facilitate our lives and to open the blockages caused by waste materials. The processes carried out by taking the dirty and waste water into the tank and then emptying it into a different area or into the same channel will be opened in a short time thanks to the high sewageing power, so that the normal flow of the channel will be restored.

In sewage trucks, the sewage pump takes its power by generally connecting to the gearbox. That’s why sewage pumps work very powerfully. These vehicles, which are manufactured in order to carry out and carry out operations such as combined trenching and cleaning, are demanded by many companies. We produce these products with great care with our experienced technical personnel. These products we manufacture are offered to the market after all tests are carried out as extremely safe and robust. Thus, a very safe product is produced. Telescopic suction boom type sewage trucks, like other sewage trucks, serve to better open the infrastructure systems.


The production of boom type vacuum trucks is done entirely on trench cleaning and trenching.

Technical Specifications

Tank Capacity
Max. 16,000 Lt. Single Tank or Double tank

Tank Material
Carbon Steel ( s235jr-s355j2)
Stainless steel (AISI 304/316 L)

Back cover
Hinged from the top, with two hydraulic cylinders on the vertical axis, min. With 80º opening feature, sealed gasket

Vacuum Pump
Max. 10500 m³

YB Water Pump
345-620 Lt/dk – 130-250 Bar

Main Pressure Hose Reel
1” or 1 ¼” – 120 mt. or 180 meters. Hydraulically Driven, Automatic hose winding guide,
with hose pressure system

Top Suction System
4”-5”-6” 20 mt. Suction System Suitable for Hose Wrapping(CD-BOM, CD-CASSETTE, CLASSIC BOOM SYSTEMS)

Recycle System, Remote Control, Webasto, Automatic Lubrication System

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